Application Development
The ability to manage data and information effectively is a challenge for many businesses of all sizes and types. Sometimes an “off the shelf” product will do, but in many cases the problem requires a custom solution.

Luckily for our clients, we are not devoted to any one tool or technology. We are knowledgeable and adept in deploying a wide range of cutting edge technologies. Our team of experts and industry specialists are highly skilled in Microsoft, Open Source and Database technologies.
Customized Solutions

Whether it’s a retail website, e-commerce solution, an information portal, a CMS, or an SOA, our consultants can build it, integrate it and support it. Our work has helped companies:

• Use online marketing to more effectively reach prospects
• Develop new channels for sales and distribution
• Connect existing channels, so customers have a consistent experience whether doing business with you online, in person, or by phone
• Heighten customer satisfaction and retention
• Boost response times and efficiency
• Move inventory quickly and profitably
• Accommodate international expansion

Practical Experience - Our experience in custom application development includes:

Portals-from packaged business portals to integrated, multi-application portals and information exchange portals.

  • A full range of operating systems and servers Java, .NET, and Web 2.0 technologies that provide your customers, employees, suppliers, or partners, with a rich, interactive internet experience. Product implementations that improve stability and efficiency of your critical applications

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