Brand Positioning
JargonUniverse's definition of Brand Position is:

“The entire collection of thoughts a client has in his or her mind about a professional services firm, service or product learned through contact, experience and communication. This includes the distinguishing "human" characteristics of a brand personality (e.g., engaging and friendly, big and dependable). It is a comparative concept as to how one brand is perceived relative to others that may be considered.” Their definition of Brand Positioning is “The distinctive position that a brand adopts in its competitive environment to ensure that individuals in its target market can tell the brand apart from others. Positioning involves the careful manipulation of every element of the marketing mix.”

Positioning is aligning the core elements of a company, such as its mission and offerings with a structure that connects and supports customers and creates customer evangelists.

Ultimately, if successful, positioning will define the things customers notice about the company.

The key to success in branding is to create a tight positioning statement. A position that describes the essence of what’s being offered that is accessible to customers and company personnel alike.

The greatest initial test for brand positioning is whether the members of your company can remember it.

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