Key Components of an Identity System

Analytics - There is inherent risk involving anything new. Defining that risk is key factor in effective decision making whether for a new product, service or name.

Brand Valuation - The intangible value of a brand is difficult to quantify. Being that it is one of the most valuable assets a company has it’s critical to put a value on a brand using industry accepted methodologies.

Brand Strategy - Brand strategy is comprised of all the aspects of a brand. In addition it is the identification of market opportunities to help position the brand for the short and long terms. To position a brand appropriately, it needs to clearly defined and articulated.

Naming Strategy - The brand name is the foundation on which as successful brand is built. A good name should evoke the essence of a product, service or company, as well as the qualities of what they represent.

Brand Design - Great design is the platform on which a brand is built. It is a key component of brand strategy creating awareness and affinity. It spans all aspects of a brand, including corporate design, logos, collateral, signage, retail & office.

Brand Engagement - Brand engagement utilizes programs designed to help employees understand and live the brand. This involves analysis of employee processes and behavior with the goal of alignment with the brand. The desired result is people with a deeper understanding of and commitment to the brand.

Integrated Marketing - A brand may be marketed simultaneously in various ways using a variety of media. The coordination of these modalities, is complex and requires ongoing effective brand management to build greater value.

Digital Brand Management - Brand assets can be quite large and complex. We offer web-based systems to provide access to important digital assets empowering all those who need it.

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