Paid search marketing or pay per click (PPC) advertising is a fast growing segment of search engine marketing. The largest search engines, Google, and Yahoo both display paid placement in one form or another. Other internet content providers also offer pay per click. Without a successful PPC campaign it is easy for your online business to be squeezed out of the spot light.

If you manage your cost per click campaign with Elixir, we will place your ad in a position that will achieve results, and minimize costs.

When it comes to any successful PPC campaign the most important things are well written, targeted ad copy, and carefully selected keywords

Research is the key to creating keyword rich, well-targeted ads directed towards your target market. By creating ads that specifically appeal to your target market we can help to weed out some of the unqualified traffic, while gaining attention from the potential paying customers interested in your product or service.

Finding the keywords and creating custom PPC ads is just the start. In order to maintain high click through rates, and a high-ranking placement, regular tweaking and maintenance is required. Weather updating your cost per click, tweaking the wording in your ads, or adding and removing keywords, it is a constant battle to maintain that top spot.

What we will do for you
• Create and fully set up your pay per click accounts with Google AdWords, Overture or any other pay per click search engine you desire.
• Research the most relevant keyword phrase(s) that best describe your website
• Determine any possible niche markets that you may be able to tap into
• Create targeted keyword rich ad copy for your campaigns
• Management of your PPC accounts with regular tweaking of your ad campaigns to ensure the best possible placement
• Adjust your cost per click rates and daily budgets to ensure that your placement is not only ranking high, but also to keep you on track with your monthly budget
• Send you monthly reports with the status of your ad campaign and make recommendations when necessary.

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