Hourly SEO services provide you with the flexibility to have an experienced SEO answer your questions or anytime you want.

Designed to deliver top placement results with a limited marketing budget, this option is perfect for small business owners who wish to achieve top placements.

For small to medium sized businesses we offer a custom package to match the required results.

For large corporate website we offer an advanced and comprehensive suite of services, customized and tailored to specific needs.

Search engine listings are subject to constant change. A strong placement today might erode over time for any number of reasons. Our search placement maintenance program will continually assess your listing to keep your site in its proper place, at the top of the results pages.

Elixir’s search engine optimization process, while tailored to each client, follows a few basic guidelines that have allowed us to maintain our 90% success rate. Elixir provides an ethical brand of hands-on SEO services and a comprehensive SEO Consultancy. Our SEO techniques and advice are modeled on webmaster guidelines supplied by the major search engines and follow what we believe are the best practices in search marketing.

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