Email Campaigns
Targeted email campaigns are an effective way of staying in touch with your customers as well as targeting new ones. Well executed campaigns can generate high conversion rates and customer retention. In order to be effective there are some general “rules” to follow.

We automate the entire process so that it’s efficient and effective.

Email Deployment & Delivery
The key to a successful e-mail campaign is delivery. No matter how compelling your offer is, it isn’t worth anything if your email doesn’t reach your recipients.

We’re Anti-Spam
We respond to and investigate every single complaint that comes in to our abuse desk, we quickly work to resolve issues with clients who receive complaints.

We Automate Bounce / Unsubscribe Processing
By automating this, we ensure no users can abuse our IP Addresses by ignoring bounces and unsubscribes.

We Use Feedback Loops

We have feedback loops with every ISP that is known to offer one.

We Use Authentication Protocols
We authenticate client email through the use of the three currently major authentication protocols: SPF (Sender Policy Framework), Sender-ID and DomainKeys.  With SPF and Sender-ID we have published records that state our mail domains are allowed to send email on behalf of our own IP Addresses.  With DomainKeys we sign each email with a key that the recipient server can then use to verify that we actually sent the email. 

E-mail Campaigns Can Help You
• Stay in touch with customers with occasional newsletters
• Send Holiday E-Cards and Promotions
• Customize Welcome Emails with Special Promos
• Segment Lists for Different Departments, Clients, and Customers
• Send Surveys to your customers
• Send Invitations for events, fundraisers, and webinars
• Send E-coupons
• Tell customers about new products and services
• Send internal newsletters to employees, franchisees, and affiliates
• Link e-mail to your shopping cart

If you are thinking of doing any of the above to promote your business, you must do it right.  Terms such as "blacklisting" describe the fate of sites whose owners have offended people with ill-conceived tactics.

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